If you like driving, there is no better destination than Ladakh for an Self Drive SUV ride. The wild nature, the breathtaking landscape and the fresh mountain air will make you rejuvenate.
For a fan of overland travel, the state of the SUV is critical because the whole vacation experience depends on it.

How the pickup works, what are the braking conditions, the driving characteristics, the condition of the tires, cleanliness, the quality of the music system are all relevant questions before starting a self drive car ride.

By default, most other self driving rental companies only follow the manufacturer's instructions to get support. In the case of Ladakh, however, this is seriously insufficient. Why? Because in the remote regions of Ladakh it is almost impossible to recover from a vehicle failure
The vehicle must be checked carefully and strict preventive maintenance work must be carried out to avoid breakdowns.

Now if you choose ROYAL BIKE RENTALS we do check car thoroughly from agency and specially brakes, Clutch plates and 24x7 Road Side Assistance that is must for Leh Ladakh trip. 

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