Worried about travel E pass in Covid19 Do Read post or Contact US for Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttrakhand anywhere

We just do research and provide you Epass links for your travel ease.

Now Covid cases increases day by day and E-Pass is mandatory for Inter State Movement, Some states you can apply self generated and some with Online. But if you did mistake then you can’t edit or reissue. Royal Bike Rentals just guide you  for all queries related to a COVID travel pass, a compulsory document required for vehicle movement in India during this lockdown. covid 19 pass check Like if you want to travel in Punjab from other state then Epass needed and If you go out of Punjab then same you can apply Opt Out option.   For Chandigarh there is separate E pass option on their website. Mostly Punjab Chandigarh Epass not mandatory but you can apply if you want. For Haryana Epass not required if you got Chandigarh and if you got to Punjab again checking on Shamboo border, Again applying online Epass helps you trouble free. For Himachal Pradesh like Shimla, Kullu Manali, Dharamshala Epass and covid test required and 5 days hotel booking. For Uttrakhand you need to apply punjab epassapply again epass and tell the purpose of visit.. Following are the links for apply Epass

State How to apply
Karnataka Apply Karnataka E pass Click Here Bangalore to be in lockdown from 8 pm of 14th Jul to 5 am on 30th Jul.
Seating allowed (Excluding the driver) 3 for Sedans and 5 for Innovas (excluding the driver)

For Maharashtra Epass police portal. For Pune Epass Apply, it is: Pune police portal.

Seating allowed (Excluding the driver) 2 for Sedan and 3 for Innova
Kerala For Epass Kerala Apply Here
Gujarat For Gujrat Epass Apply
Rajasthan For Rajasthan E pass Apply Here
Haryana Apply Haryana Epass Online
West Bengal Apply West Bengal Epass Here
Punjab Apply Punjab E pass Here
Chandigarh For Chandigarh E pass
Goa apply for a Travel Permit here and for Temporary Pass here.
Himachal Pradesh No pass is needed for within city or intrastate or interstate travel.
Jammu and Kashmir Refer to the section below.
Jharkhand Refer to the section below.
Uttar Pradesh For U
Andhra Pradesh Refer to the section below.
Bihar Bihar is under lockdown until the end of July, so the details for movement will soon be updated.
New Delhi For Delhi E pass Apply Here
Uttarakhand For Uttarakhand Epass Apply Here
Tamil Nadu For Tamil Nadu Epass Apply Here
Madhya Pradesh For Madhya Pradesh Epass Apply Here
Odisha For Apply E pass Odisha
Chattisgarh For Chattisgarh Epass Apply Here
Assam Apply for car pass here.
Telangana No pass is needed for within city or intrastate or interstate travel.
Ladakh Those looking to apply for a COVID-19 e-pass for vehicle movement in Ladakh can click here.
Arunachal Pradesh The e-travel pass in Itanagar can be applied by following the link here.
Manipur Manipur e-travel pass can be applied by clicking on this website.
Nagaland Those stranded in Nagaland can apply for an e-travel pass here.
Mizoram Click here to apply for an emergency travel pass online.
Meghalaya This portal allows you to apply for an e-travel pass if you are stranded in Meghalaya or wish to return to Meghalaya.
Sikkim This portal is for stranded students, patients and other citizens.
Tripura For Epass Apply Tripura can click here.
Travel to Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Uttrakhand and need to know about Travel E-Pass

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